Using the OpenAPI Generator for Spring Boot

In the area of REST APIs, formal specifications serve as the contract and define, what the consumer can expect from the API. To ensure consistency of the contract and the implementation, some parts of the source code can be generated from the specification document. [Read More]
Tags: api tools

Managing Wordpress DevOps Style

Wordpress is widely used, which has a reason. It is easy to use and cheap to host. On the other side, it is somehow fragile with all its plugins. That's why I decided to apply well known DevOps practices to the Wordpress websites I manage to reduce risk. [Read More]

Setting Up A Cloud Gaming VM

Sometimes I like to play a few games on the computer. The purchase of a gaming computer for this rare pleasure would not be worth it for me. Luckily it is possible to set up a gaming computer in the cloud and pay per use. [Read More]

Docker Based Speed Test On Synology NAS

Recently I upgraded my internet tariff. To observe the bandwith effect of the upgrade I was searching for a convenient speed test and found an effective solution running a Docker container on my Synology NAS. [Read More]
Tags: nas