Including Generic HTTP Sensors in Home Assistant

While switching from openHAB to Home Assistant, I had to migrate a custom binding to read some data from a heater. Using the Home Assistant RESTful integration allowed including this thing using pure configuration and made the migration easy - without an integration being available and without custom implementation. [Read More]

Testing Stripe Webhooks Without Stripe

Stripe uses webhooks to notify about events like successfully finished payments. While integrating Stripe for the first time, I asked myself how such webhooks can be tested properly without relying on Stripe during automated test execution. In this blog post you will learn how it works. [Read More]
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Implementing Azure Functions with Java

Azure Functions support several runtime environments including the Java Virtual Machine, which allows us to implement functions in programming languages like Java and Kotlin. Let's have a look at how a simple Azure Function can be implemented with Java. [Read More]